How to Choose 200ul Pipette Tips?

Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

Pipette tips are used in the laboratory to pipette tiny amounts of liquids. The special design reduces sample retention and discharge. These pipette tips can be used with all commonly used pipettors. They can also save bench space. Before using, check the pipette tips' specifications. Make sure to avoid overheating them at 121oC/250oF or up to 15 PSI. After autoclaving, remove any material stuck on the tip.

Pipettes work with their tips to deliver accurate measurements. However, the selection of pipettes can be confusing. Fortunately, a guide can help you choose the correct tip for your application. The right tip can also give you cleaner results. In this article, we'll explore how to choose the best tips for your pipettes. So, let's get started! Here are some tips to choose from. We hope these tips will help you in your experiments.

Using the right pipette tip can make or break the precision of your experiment. Wrong tips can result in contamination, waste of reagents and samples, and repetitive stress injury. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality tip. You can find a good tip for your pipette in the market. If you are looking for a better tip, make sure to purchase a reusable one.

If you're looking for an economical, environmentally friendly tip for your lab, look no further than the 2-200uL thin-walled pipette tip. These are compatible with most standard pipettes with a yellow color code. They are also compatible with many pipette brands. So, when you need to make a sample, you can be sure to get the right tip every time. The tips come in convenient rack formats for convenient storage.

Quality tips are made of virgin polypropylene, so they will not shed any contamination or leakage. In addition, they will never leak, and they are free from metal additives. This is particularly important for sensitive assays, where any contamination is detrimental. If you need to use a plastic pipette with a glass tip, you may want to consider purchasing a filter tip. The filter is a good way to ensure the cleanliness of your lab, as well as the safety of your equipment.

Besides preventing contamination, filtered tips also provide a barrier against PCR and sample carryover. They also act as a training wheel for new lab members. For example, if a new lab member accidentally aspirates some liquid from the pipette, it's easier to replace the tip than send the entire pipette to the lab for repairs. The filter tips are inexpensive, so they are an excellent investment.

axygen tips

Pipette Tips 1000ul

If you're looking for tips to use with your pipettor, you've come to the right place. These tips are specifically made for pipettes made by Azer Scientific, and they feature a high degree of quality. Made from polypropylene, these tips are DNase and Pyrogen free and feature graduated tips. They are packaged in sterile racks of 96 and fit most standard pipettors.

The transparent polypropylene tips of this range allow you to see your samples with extreme precision. They are designed with a longer, thin tip to minimize sample hang-up, making them perfect for deep well plates and small tubes. The epTIPS Totally Integrated Pipetting System (TIPS) technology reduces tip attachment forces and ensures complete sealing. These tips are available in different sizes, including 250 ul, 500 ul, and 1000 ul, and are available in color-coded packages. They meet the requirements of DIN 12650-2 and EN ISO 8655-2.

Micropipettes are commonly used in research/diagnostic laboratories, as well as in microbiology and PCR assays. These tips come in various sizes and can hold anything from 0.01ul to 5mL. They are made of clear or molded plastic and are available in sterile, nonsterile, and low-retention types. Purchasing sterile, disposable pipette tips will ensure a safe and accurate transfer from tip to container, eliminating the possibility of residuals and leftovers.

Axygen Tips

Axygen(r) Filter Barrier Tips are designed to prevent cross contamination between samples. They feature a pore-sized barrier that prevents aerosols from escaping the tip. The complete range of Axygen(tm) tips includes pipet tips, automation systems, deep well and storage plates, microtubes, and reagents. To enhance workflow efficiency, Axygen(r) Automation Tips are compatible with automated liquid handling systems.

The Axygen MAXYMum Recovery Research-Grade Pipet Tips offer uncompromising quality at a competitive price. They are ideal for viscous solutions and applications requiring precision measurement. Additionally, the "Uni-Grip" design of these tips ensures an airtight seal with most pipettors. They are also autoclavable and free from DNase. Moreover, pre-sterilized tips are e-beam irradiated to eliminate any potential contaminants.
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